Friday, June 5, 2009

I have grey hair

I was looking at my hair in the mirror tonight and realized I have grey hair. I've always thought of myself more in the "greying" category. I did not grey prettily like my cousin Kathleen. I got what would be called distinguished temples on a man. So I started coloring it years ago. I went from my own dark dark brown to blonde overnight. That was quite fun. I tried about a hundred shades of red. I streaked, I curled, I crimped and metallic'ed my hair. Honestly it usually ended up looking rather silly but at least it wasn't "greying".
So a couple of months ago I decided to let my hair grow out so I could see what color it is. Not an easy thing to do when you have to make your peace with brown roots and red tips. Eventually it grew enough I was able to cut the color off. I don't know what I think of it. I still have distinguished temples. They're white now instead of silver. The dark brown has enough white mixed in to qualify as grey. I don't like it and want to color it again. Something dramatic like Cruella DeVille. The problem is how much other people seem to like this hair on me. They pull at my curls that showed up with age. They ruffle the white parts and say how beautiful my hair is. Maybe I'm not seeing it right so I spent about 10 whole minutes staring at it in the mirror from all sides. Well, I think I can learn to live with it but it's going to be awfully hard to convince people I'm 29 with all this silver. I will have to start working the prematurely grey angle soon.

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