Monday, March 19, 2012

Florida is Scary #19

Atheists use 'unholy' water to unbless Florida highway

​A group of Floridian "free thinkers" converged on a strip of U.S. Route 98 Saturday with mops and a giant vat of "unholy water" to cleanse the thoroughfare of the blessing it received from a Christian group a year ago. The atheist group, "Humanists of Florida" says it scrubbed the road "of the oils of intolerance," claiming that the original roadside annointment by Christian group Polk Under Prayer was an insult to non-Christians and that the highway should be "about welcoming everybody." PUP director Richard Geringswald counters that his group's blessing was merely meant to ward off "evildoers." One tip for the atheists: Complete all spiritual spring cleaning on your checklist before next week's Reason Rally in DC.

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