Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Immovable object vs irrestible force

Today I stood still watching MyJohn walk towards me. I was looking at him with love and tenderness in my heart. Here is the man who makes my whole face smile. I was planning on giving him a big hug and kiss when he stopped. Unfortunately, I forgot he was blind and I didn't move out of the way or say something to him. Once he crashed into me I forgot all about those good loving feelings while he snarled around about how I should have learned by now that he can't SEE me and that I have to SEE him and make adjustments. Sigh. Warm fuzzies all gone and I'm left with a bitter after taste. He is just a grouchy old guy after all.

I keep telling him it's a compliment. I don't think of him as blind. I think of him as my guy that happens to be blind. So if I forget to tell you where I'm standing in a room it's because I don't see blind everytime I look at you.

Caught him out bad at the pool the other day. A friend of ours who comes to the pool occasionally sat in a chair under an umbrella. I told John he was there and offered to take him over to visit. I set up a chair, and was getting him to it but once there the ambient noise got in the way and he got grumpy cause I didn't "show" him the chair or his towel. (which I did do but the noise was too great). He didn't realize I was still right in front of him as he turns to our friend and says "I love her to death but after 8 years you'd think she'd know how to...... and so on. I spoke from about 5 inches from his face before he could dig himself in any deeper. He hugged me and apologized, which was funny. Then before I could get out of ear shot he again turns to the friend and says "sometimes you gotta know when you've pushed it too close to the edge". The friend laughed and asked him how he liked sleeping on the couch in his own condo! what a guy.

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