Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Forgotten moments

It has been a long time since I put anything down here. Mostly because I write too much and end up getting tired of it. My pledge is so slow down and to use only about half the words I did before. li th an lea yo to fig ou wh I am say. yuk yuk. I'm joking of course.
I am back in DC with MyJohn and having a wonderful time. I got tons of groceries from pea pod delivered last night. I must have been in la la land when I ordered as I didn't get nearly enough food stuffs but have enough shampoo and laundry soap to last about ten years. What was I thinking? My plan is to cook all our meals here and not eat out so much as we have done in the past. I've been here a week and am making good progress. My brother Andy was here so we did eat out some, besides MyJohn had pretty much cleaned out the cabinets and freezers. We ate several frozen pizza's until the groceries arrived.
Today I'm going to make cookies. Half for now and freeze the rest for Christmas parties. This year is not going to catch me unprepared.

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