Thursday, September 27, 2007

Super Glue and your body

I saw a television program recently in which a doctor closed an incision with super glue. Seems it makes sweet little scars and holds the skin together until it sort of wears off. Makes perfect sense to me. The tube has a warning label that says if you super glue your fingers together wash them with warm soapy water and roll the stuck part into a tube that you can roll off your skin. Well yippie ki yo ki yeah. What happens if you super glue yourself to some inanimate object. Not like you can roll something like say a dresser between your fingers. Hypothetical here but how in the world do you unstick yourself other than just pulling it off and leaving skin behind?
I found myself in this unenviable position recently. Trying to finish up scads of little jobs that never get done. I super glued the ribbon back on the Christmas decoration for my Mom. I glued the soles of my shoes back unto the body of the shoe. I repaired eye glasses, glued tiny wooden toys and a couple of cracked dishes got fixed. I glued the tear in the lamp shade and even tried short cuts to a small quilt block by using super glue. I glued broken picture frames and silk flowers onto frames and oh yeah, I glued myself to the table. I didn't realize I'd done so until I tried to walk away. Head, legs and trunk of my body moved out smartly. Right hand stayed in one spot.
I got a lot done yesterday. We're packing for a short trip to see my nephew Zak, his wife Rachel and their four babies. I am a reasonably intelligent person. I just don't understand how things like this keep happening to me. I glued myself to a table. sigh. The good news is I don't need stitches. Shoot, I managed to get out of it without even bleeding. My finger's are fine, my palm looks kinda dirty from the stuff that's still on there. But it will wear off, just like I did it deliberate. I'm just practicing to be a surgeon. I'll super glue your ouchies easily because I've got personal experience.

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Andy said...

You can glue yourself to candy on halloween and make the kids cry